Bedford Hills Wine Wall
Bedford Hills Wine Wall
Bedford Hills Wine Wall
Bedford Hills Wine Wall

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Bedford Hills Wine Wall


Hardware and panel finish options are shown below.

*Lighting kit ships separate. The LED tape lighting is adhered around the perimeter of the back pane.

Installation InstructionsLighting Specifications

Wine Walls are designed to be unique wall mounted wine storage and wine display systems. Each design has a different wine configuration, bottle count and accessories. Wine Walls are engineered to be easily and securely installed utilizing the supplied ‘structural’ back panel method. Just select your panel option and hardware color to customize this design. You can also paint, stain or paper unfinished wood panels to match your space.

  • 42” x 42” Wine Wall dimensions
  • Wine Wall consists of three 14 x 42 vertical panels installed over three 42 x 14 horizontal back panels. See installation instructions for more details.
  • Bottle capacity: 63
  • Wine Peg Hardware - Neck Out, 27
  • Wine Post Hardware – Label Forward, two bottles deep, 36
  • Panel Depth with Wine As Art Hardware: 9.5”
  • Panel Depth with wine: +/- 14”
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

    Hardware Finishes

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    Wood Panel Options

    The Wine As Art panel system incorporates a back wall plate, decorative top panel and the Wine As Art wine hardware to produce a structurally sound and visually stunning way to store and display wine.

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    2.1 WHITE OAK

    2.2 WHITE OAK

    2.5 WHITE OAK

    3.1 WALNUT

    3.2 WALNUT

    3.5 WALNUT

    Leather Finishes Available

    Kessick has partnered with EcoDomo® to introduce Recycled Leather Veneers. This warm leather collection offers a soft touch and richness not found in most interior surfaces, yet its strength and durability delivers stain, wear and water resistance.

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    Black Shagreen

    Cocoa Buffalo

    Grey Umber Buffalo

    Pebble Shagreen

    High Gloss Panel Options

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    Brillante White 619 - High Gloss 

    Brillante Antracita Gray 611 - High Gloss

    Brillante Black 610 - High Gloss

    Textured Panel Options

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    N+ Argento FB81 – Metallic Texture

    N+ Aspen Oak LM67 – Wood Texture

    N+ Barn Oak LN27 – Wood Texture

    N+ Engadina SO61 – Wood Texture

    N+ Maya FA33 – Leather Texture

    N+ Night UB02 – Plaster Texture