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14" x 28" Leather Panel


Hardware and panel finish options are shown below.

*Lighting kit ships separate. The LED tape lighting is adhered around the perimeter of the back pane.

Installation InstructionsLighting Specifications

Wine As Art wine hardware is utilized on a wall-mounted decorative panel to display and store wine in an efficient and aesthetic format. From single panel wine storage to multi-panel showcase wine-wall displays, Wine As Art can transform any space. Wine bottles are colorful and interesting and can be utilized as a design element to create an aesthetic and entertaining wine storage space. The Wine As Art panel system incorporates a back wall plate, decorative top panel, and the Wine As Art wine hardware to produce a structurally sound and visually stunning way to store and display wine.

  • Wall-mounted aesthetic wine storage
  • Neck out or label forward wine bottle
  • Bottle Capacity 6, 12 or 18 bottles depending on hardware choice
  • Latest material designs and hardware finishes 
  • Easy to install – template and screws included
  • Choose single or multiple panels to create your own design from small (6 bottles), medium (54 bottles), and large wine collections (100+ bottles) depending on the combination of standard panels
  • Transform your wine collection from obscure to showcase
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

    Wood Grains Available

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    Vertical Wood Grain

    Horizontal Wood Grain

    Hardware Type

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    Pegs (neck Out)

    Posts 1 Deep

    Posts 2 Deep

    Posts 3 Deep

    Hardware Finishes

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    Leather Panel Options

    Ecodomo® Recycled Real Leather Veneer encapsulates ¾” substrates and are utilized as wall panels to display Wine As Art hardware.
    This application combines organic materials to create a unique luxury wine display.

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    EcoDomo Black Shagreen 7103-16-S

    EcoDomo Cocoa Buffalo 5636-13-S

    EcoDomo Grey Umber Buffalo 5637-13-S

    EcoDomo Pebble Shagreen 7100-16-S