Panel Finish Options

Wood Panel Options

The Wine As Art panel system incorporates a back wall plate, decorative top panel and the Wine As Art wine hardware to produce a structurally sound and visually stunning way to store and display wine.

White Oak, rift sawn

  • White oak is a heavily grained wood that varies in color from pale yellow to pale brown. The ‘rift sawn’ graining of very uniform straight lines is typical in this wood pattern. Quarter sawn wood characteristics are sometimes present and can exhibit unique ‘flecks’ in the grain pattern and is commonly understood to be a quality feature of white oak.
  • White oak a very hard wood species and has a medium to course wood grain texture. Quarter sawn and rift sawn white oak have the unique characteristic of being well suited for traditional and contemporary wine room applications. Espresso stained white oak can have an aged, traditional feel, while clear finished or gray stain can range from transitional to very modern.


  • Black American walnut continues to be the standard for elegant transitional and contemporary wine storage systems. With a straight to irregular grain pattern, this light textured wood has a rich natural brown tone mixed with the typical sapwood that defines walnut wood. Wood tones can range from gray to purple but largely stay in the chocolate brown family.
  • Walnut is well known for the smooth textures and natural luster when finished with a clear satin topcoat. Stains penetrate walnut wood well and can achieve a dark deep color while lightly exhibiting the wood grain.

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Sapele Unfinished

Sapele Clear Finish

Sapele Espresso Finish

Sapele Spanish Mahogany




White Oak Gray




Walnut Gray

Leather Finishes Available

Kessick has partnered with EcoDomo® to introduce Recycled Leather Veneers. This warm leather collection offers a soft touch and richness not found in most interior surfaces, yet its strength and durability delivers stain, wear and water resistance.

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Black Shagreen

Cocoa Buffalo

Grey Umber Buffalo

Pebble Shagreen

Antique Grey Crocodile

Black Knight Shagreen

Bright White - Crocodile

Bright White Buffalo

Casino Royal Crocodile

Chocolate Shagreen

Coal Buffalo

Coal Crocodile

Coco Shagreen

Fire Crocodile

Gold Grey Metallic Buffalo

Grey Stone Shagreen

Mahogany Crocodile

Maple Buffalo

Paloma Grey Buffalo

Paloma Grey Crocodile

Textured Finishes Available

Nature Plus Textured Panels are heavily embossed, Italian architectural substrates that mimic a natural organic look and feel. These stunning panels are ideally suited to secure Wine As Art hardware and are available in a wide variety of solid and decorative colors.

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N+ Argento FB81 – Metallic Texture

N+ Aspen Oak ML67 – Wood Texture

N+ Barn Oak LN27 – Wood Texture

N+ Engadina SO61 – Wood Texture

N+ Maya FA33 – Leather Texture

N+ Night UB02 – Plaster Texture

High Gloss Finishes Available

Brillanté Collection is a collection of high gloss lacquered architectural panels that have a 90% gloss level lacquered finish. These stunning panels are ideally suited to secure Wine As Art hardware and are available in a wide variety of solid and decorative colors.

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Brillante White 619 - High Gloss 

Brillante Antracita Gray 611 - High Gloss

Brillante Black 610 - High Gloss

Hardware Finishes

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