Enjoy Drinking Your Wine at Home

Bringing your wine to a restaurant and having someone else open it can raise some interesting questions:

  • Do they charge a cork fee for a screw top?
  • How long do I have to sit feeling uncomfortable after this meal before I can unbutton my pants?

Some nights I just want an uncomplicated evening in the comfort of my home. I have quite a collection of wine at this point. What I don’t have is somewhere to put it all.

A Case for my Cases

Having a Kessick wine wall in my home has been a dream for a while. I have to admit I do know a guy, but we are about to move homes in a few years. It has officially been ordered, but I pause at this moment in time. Why am I going to put something in my home and then move? It will create value for resale. Maybe? For the next few years, we will still get to enjoy it. True. We may as well do it now.

Live Now

We are moving in about two years. The land has been purchased. I suspect we will have a wine wall in our new house, but I want to enjoy it today. I want to display my wine today. I also want to drink some today. Not those special occasion bottles? Sometimes a Tuesday can be so normal, and still, I am so thankful to be alive. Some people didn’t make it to my age, and I feel like today should be celebrated.

Deep thoughts . . . Not really

Staying home, picking a bottle off our wine wall or from our wine room, is really a joyful part of living. It should be the norm to enjoy your life and enjoy your wine. If I don’t get to open one today, I want to at least look at it beautifully displayed in my home. The truth is, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. All of our wine may outlive our plans.

Epic or Not

I am going to embrace the plan and the wine I am drinking today. I actually have some amazing screw-top wine. Screw the cork fee for now because I am installing that wine wall! I will sit in my tub and sip in its beauty. Maybe I’ll open the bottle of Matriarch I’ve been saving. Why not? After all, isn’t life a special occasion?

Have you been considering a wine wall as a way to display and store your wine. Contact us to help you ensure it is tastefully displayed.