A Drink For the Ages

In the last decade, wine drinking has become increasingly more popular. Guess which age range drinks the most wine? It's the over 50 crowd that accounts for around 35% of all wine drinkers. The Baby Boomers drink the most wine, and then the Generation X crowd comes in a close second. Guess what gender enjoys the most wine? You guessed it..... Women! 65% of all wine drinkers are women!

Women over 50 drink more wine than anyone!!! Why?

Health and enjoyment

Women between 50-59 are drinking wine up to three times a week. There are many reasons to enjoy it. It has been proven to be healthy for your heart and relaxes your mood. At this age, you want to enjoy your life with friends and family. Your relationship with wine has grown just like the deep friendships you have kept all these years.

More defined and refined tastes!

Most young people don’t really discover a love for wine until their early thirties. I know that was true for my husband and me as well. When we were dating, our wine awakening began with nice dinners out and a Resiling that we called “the Blue Bottle.” It grew from there, of course, with Chardonnay and later adding reds like Merlots and Cabernets. After trying every varietal and brand, I can say as I grow older, my tastes have changed. Hopefully, they are more defined since my first wine awakening. I have moved on to a wine maturing. If it isn’t high quality, I don’t want to waste my taste buds on it. I don’t want a headache the next day. I would say we do have quite a collection at this point. I am happily headed toward 50 with a collection that continues to grow.

Where do you put all that wine?

Now that we know who is drinking the wine, where are they going to store and display it all? Kessick has many options to choose from. You may want a display area in your kitchen or dining space. Maybe the best option for those go-to favorites is a Wine Wall from Kessick’s Wine Wall Collection.

Take a minute to check out what other wine collectors have created in their spaces. The Wine As Art gallery is a great place to start. Here you can see many creative ways to display your wine. A glass enclosed walk-in wine room filled with one of Kessick’s many style choices may be exactly what you are looking for!

Nothing makes a woman over 50 happier than cooling off in her own wine room. Give yourself the “she shed” of your dreams and spend the best years enjoying your collection and your beautiful Kessick Wine Wall!

If you are interested in learning more about Kessick's Wine Walls, please contact us today!