Display It Restaurant Style

Kessick’s Wine As Art wall panel system would look great on any restaurant wall. Its simple elegance with a modern twist may be just what you are looking for to spice up your restaurants’ walls. You don’t need a total makeover to liven up your space. A Wine As Art display filled with your wine choices may even help you sell more wine.

Get the whole bottle.

There is a behavior pattern we all tend to follow. We see or hear about something inviting and then decide that is what we want. Why do you think there are so many food commercials playing during dinner time? When your servers suggest a certain bottle from a wine wall or display panel, then point it out to the patron, there is a high chance they will say yes. Seeing the label may be just the ticket to getting them to order it. Why not just get the whole bottle?

Labels matter…

Do you know why most people pick a bottle of wine at a store? They like the look of it. The label appeals to them. Some people of course, may choose a particular wine because they have had it before. If they see the wine adamantly displayed, that may trigger the memory enough for them to say, “I know this one”. Sometimes a familiar picture may stick in our mind. Seeing the label displayed on a Wine As Art wall panel or custom wine wall may just be the thing to trigger that memory response in someone’s mind.

Good looks!

A Kessick Wine As Art wall display is an attractive way to show off your wine collection. It isn’t a complicated process. It is such a step up from a shelf here and a box there. It’s a practical way to keep your wine in an organized fashion. The Wine As Art gallery page shows off the many possibilities of storing and displaying wine using this method. There are fresh ideas like creating a space in a corner, under a stairwell, or above a dining space for a restaurant. A restaurant can save space and add style to any type of hospitality decor. Your wine storage no longer has to be hidden away in a storage room.

Wine As Art in your restaurant is a great idea to

  • enhance your decor
  • influence your customer's choices
  • increase your wine sales
  • add ambiance
  • upgrade your establishment

It is also easy to install. Let’s face it, Wine As Art by Kessick makes your wine look good.