Quality Panels from Kessick

Kessick’s Wine As Art has four great ready-made panel options for your wine display and storage needs: wood, textured, leather, and high-gloss. You can create a wine wall with a single panel, a wine wall, or even design an entire wine wall room. Using multiple panels will offer more capacity options for your current level of display needs. Displaying your wine collection “label forward” brightens up your home decor as you enjoy the look of wine as art.

Wood panels are a great look for rustic appeal as the farmhouse style has seen a resurgence in new construction homes, and with the remodeler. If you like the natural look of wood for your floors you also may enjoy creating that look with your wine wall display. The wood used in Kessick’s panels is high, A-grade quality, edge banded veneer.

Textured wall panels come in several colors and create that feel of movement without overpowering the main showcase, which is your wine. This look creates a nice background to the wine labels you want to be seen and to enjoy. It also creates a bit of contrast and interest, thus adding to that artistic look you may be seeking. It’s a style that can be quite edgy as it emulates heavily embossed Italian architecture.

Leather is always such a classic feel, and has stood the test of time for a reason. Adding a leather panel as your wine background elevates your wine collection. You could add a leather panel to an office wall, dining room, or even a library in your home. It can really show the quality and distinguished taste of a collector. Some wines are even described as having a “leather” smell and taste. What a great way to expand that flavor to your wall art The leather used is real, and recycled, so you can’t go wrong with this refined favorite.

The option of high-gloss panels may appeal to the modern wine drinker who isn’t afraid to make a statement. It will inevitably reflect the glow of your wine and add to the shiny feel you want to create. This is a modern design called, Brilliante, which has a 90% gloss level on lacquered wine panels.

The Kessick panels employ creative design work, solid engineering, and come in various colors and sizes. There really is a style to fit most tastes. Well-crafted architecture design and high quality is always the standard with Kessick. See more at Kessick.com.