Decision, Decisions

Texture, Gloss, and Color…..oh my! Kessick Wine As Art series enables you to showcase your wine on your own wine wall or panels with many color and style choices.

Don’t touch the leather!

You can touch it and use leather to decorate with your wine. Leather has become a very trendy new way to warm up your space. It is that soft texture that evokes feelings of comfort and familiarity, reminding you of that warm coat you wear stylishly in the winter. As you sink into your cozy leather couch that improves over time, consider what that same look can do for your wine display. The recycled leather veneer passes the durability standard with its water and stain-resistant qualities. Also, the color choices of the leather will surprise you. These color names here melt off the page, Back Shagreen, Cocoa Buffalo, Grey Umber, and Pebble Shagreen. You are used to ordering your Chardonnay buttery, but why stop there?

White Oak and Walnut - Wood Choices

Kessick Wine Walls come in White Oak and Walnut. For several reasons, these two types of wood are the standard in furniture, cabinets, and display walls. First, they are strong and reliable. The beautiful graining found in white oak has been the North American staple for centuries. Fun fact- white oak is also used to age wine and whiskey in barrels.

Walnut is not slack in its ability as a sustainable product. It is used in furniture, wall panels, car interiors, and now wine walls. It is resistant to decay. Its beauty and sturdy structure make it a favorite for many.

The lovely timber of walnut creates that dark chocolate warmth that people love. It comes in lovely colors from tans and dark espresso.

Glossy Finishes

You may have a love for all things bright and shiny in your home. Wine does have a glow about it. It certainly causes people to feel lighter. The Brilliant finishes may be just the luster you are looking for in your wine display wall. The High Gloss finishes come in gray, white, and black. They can light up your collection of wine with their sparkling finish.


Maybe you were that kid whose family didn’t want to come with them into the antique store because they knew the “ Do Not Touch” sign was made just for you. If you need your wine display wall to have the feel of movement with a textured look, this may be the right product to explore. The textured choices include metallic, leather, plaster, wood, and barn oak. The 3D textured feel adds the just right warmth your wine look needs.

Hardware for your wine wall or panels comes in brass, black and silver finishes. Choose hardware with neck out or label forward for your final wine showcase decision.

Kessick’s Wine As Art Panel and Wall display system is here to match your bottles with style!