Best Wines for Warmer Days

The weather is getting warmer for most of us, and we are planning upcoming vacations. One idea for planning ahead includes some wine prepping. What wine works best for each destination spot, and how will you keep it well preserved before your great escape?

Beach Wine Ideas

When I think of the best wines to have at the beach I go to softer white wines and rose. Some other recommendations would be to bring a Riesling, Chardonnay, or Pinot Grigio. Beach days are good days for some cold, crisp, or even fruity flavors. You may not want to go for high alcohol content since the sea air tends to be dehydrating as it is. Keeping your wines cold enough may be a problem in the hot sun, so do not forget that cooler full of ice. These beach wines will need to be stored directly in the ice, and chilled at least three hours. I would also suggest buying some cooler-type cups with lids to keep your wine cold until the last drop.

Mountain Excursions

Usually, the mountain air stays cooler, even in the summer. For some reason I want to bring my red wines there. You certainly can choose some lighter red wine for the summer months along with white wines. Some suggestions would be a Pinot Noir, Lambrusco, or a highly recommended Cab Franc. A good plan would be to chill a red wine for at least two hours to get your bottle to 60 degrees.

Vacation Eats

For the summer months, lighter meal choices may also be a factor in choosing what wine to bring. If you are opting for a meal like fresh fish and veggies you may want a white wine. Light reds, on the other hand, will work great with that burger-based meal. Grilling is of course ideal as the weather improves, so do not store away all your red wines. There are some reds like Merlots and Cabernets that can be a bit heavy in warmer weather, but some people like to stick with their favorite varietals no matter what the season, so to each their own.

So, start gathering those vacation favorites and add them to your collection. What is better than sourcing your wine from the local wine store? Pulling it out of your Kessick wine cellar is the best option. Have them ready to twist, pop, or uncork as summer is close at hand.