Our New Trademark

Words and Wine

It’s hard to put into words Kessick’s quality and innovation. It’s actually happened now as they have officially trademarked the name Wine As Art into their simplified display system for any wall. Wine As Art requires just a minimal installation procedure, and offers attractive and practical choices for the panels and rods that will hold your wine securely in place. You can create your own colorful expression utilizing their options.

Creative Juices

It sometimes takes time to really grasp a new idea. Wine As Art was the brainchild of the Kessick creative team as they were looking for a way to expand the “wine lifestyle” idea without a compromise in quality. 

Word on the Street

Kessick is known in the wine racking world for quality and fresh ideas. Wine As Art is now the official intellectual property of Kessick, but it has been known publicly for some time. A wine room does not have to fit in one box. This product opens the door to transitional and contemporary design ideas based on the client’s needs.

Name Drop

Under the Kessick umbrella you are bound to find a style you like that also incorporates innovative design that you expect. The wine racking world has been talking about Kessick for years, and now they have the proof that its always worth a look. Check out the Wine As Art design ideas through Kessick at WineAsArt.com. Have a chat with Kessick today about your wine room needs!