I do not know what took me so long to realize I do have a favorite varietal. Every time we open a Malbec I always enjoy it. Recently several people helped me see the light in this dark colored glass of wine. Malbec has just the right balance of softness, fruit, and flavor. 

Recommended by hospitality workers.

I asked a bar tender at a local restaurant as to what red wine he recommends to his customers. “Malbec is what I drink and what I recommend.” I must agree. I have never been disappointed choosing a Malbec. It balances that perfect blend for the wine lover or casual tasters. As he walked by to serve another customer, he further stated his viewpoint, “Argentina is the best.”

Bring it to your dinner party.

At recent dinner party we offered to bring a bottle of red wine. The host stated that would be fine except that wine gives her a headache. I pondered this a moment and wondered that if some people are more sensitive to the sulfates, then maybe a softer wine would be a better choice. We brought our favorite Malbec. As the evening progressed the wine and laughter flowed. The next day she texted me that this was the best wine she had ever had and she felt just fine the next day.

Why is Malbec that perfect red wine for so many?

The word Malbec in France means “bad mouth.” It never took off on its own in France the same way other varietals did. It is used as one of the famous 5 Nobel wines of Bordeaux  allowed for blending in France, so it has an important part today in the past and modern day wine blends.  It is grown mostly in the Cahors region. The grape relocated well to Argentina where it accounts for over 70-80% of its type grown in the world. Argentina has the right environment with warm days and cool nights that this grape took well to causing it to thrive. The climate and soil helps produce proper acidity levels that keep the grape’s soft and bold flavors intact. Malbec profiles include chocolate, dark fruits, and even a final tobacco kick.

There are other countries that produce Malbec such as Chile, Australia, and the U.S., but not like Argentina. 

That just right balance.

Malbec is fruit forward without being too sweet. It can be a bit dry without that pucker after taste. There is a gentleness without being boring. It will not knock you down with a bold flavor profile, but every time we open a bottle I state, “I really like this wine.” My husband without exception will say, “I know you do, because you say that every time. It’s a Malbec.”

Malbec for me is never boring and it is never too much. I feel like the bartender was right. It does not leave you feeling anything but satisfied. I like many types of wines, but a Malbec never disappoints.

See and to store your Malbec just right.